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Next Meeting is Monday November 24th @ 7pm, City Hall, Room 101

(Our meetings are held the 4th Monday of the month, unless noted here due to holidays....)




Please join us for continued discussion on CNNA's suggestions to improve planning, zoning and land use processes.


Wednesday Nov 19th 7pm City Hall Room 300 - see link below for agenda and other info:

The CNNA seeks to provide a common voice on larger Norwalk issues by providing information to members on important issues, meetings & events and to solicit fair and equal participation of neighborhood association and residents.
Member associations are encouraged to attend, and all Norwalk residents are always welcomed.
For more information visit us at
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On 6/23/14: Representatives of General Growth Properties, Inc. (GGP) will present drawings and an overview of the 700,000 square foot mall being proposed for parcel 95/7 on West Ave.
On Oct. 15th 2012 the CNNA was a co-sponsor for  the state senate debate at City Hall.

On July 23rd, our guest speaker was Mike Greene, Director of Norwalk Planning and Zoning. Director Greene discussed the P&Z process for approving/developing commercial properties and the roles each Commission plays, and how they relate to Redevelopment when applicable.

On July 12, the CNNA spoke at the hearing regarding the Educational Cost Sharing Formula and supported changes in the  formula that emphasized student needs as determined by the demographics of our student population rather than reliance on our Grand List. Currently Norwalk receives far less (up to five thousand) per student than other schools in our same socioeconomic grouping, with the exception of Stamford.

At our June meeting,  our guest speaker was Timothy T. Sheehan, Executive Director of the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency who covered the process followed by his agency.

 At our Jan. meeting we voted to support the Sono Alliance Lighting Initiative at the Health, Safety & Public Welfare Committee meeting, Public Works Committee meeting, and when it comes to a vote in the Common Council.  

The CNNA supports the SoNo Alliance's request to have the city explore improved lighting in the dangerous "hot spots" of the city. We encourage coordination with the Second Taxing District Commissioners and any neighbors living near the lights so that implementation can proceed smoothly. Assuming that the costs are not prohibitive, we support this initiative.

We also presented the following statement at the Personnel Committee on Jan. 25th.  

1.The CNNA is in favor of a provision that would hold wages and steps flat in the event that the economy/specific aspects of the economy were not growing and/or the ability of residents to pay for tax increases is flat or declining. 

The statistic or statistics used to determine if the economy were growing and/or the ability of residents to pay for tax increases would obviously be subject to negotiation but should be the same across contracts. We feel that it was unfair in the past few years that some groups agreed to step forward and take wage freezes/furlough days yet others have refused.

 2. We believe it is important for the Council to have an established role in the contract process including, but not limited to, input before the negotiations start. It would also be valuable to give residents an opportunity to express their opinions early on - before the contracts are negotiated and finalized.

3. Pension reform should be explored. Rhode Island has recently enacted an interesting model that may be of interest.

4.The percentage of overtime vs. the base salaries of employees should be examined - especially in relation to staffing levels.

5. There should be a regular process in place (such as hearings) for Councilmen and even residents to contribute to the evaluations of city personnel. Additionally, perhaps the evaluations that are used as the basis for merit increases should include input from additional sources such as the committees who work with the staff and residents who are well informed about the operations of the department.


To provide a common voice on larger Norwalk issues

To inform members of important issues, meetings, events, etc.
To solicit fair and equal participation of each association.


  • Membership is open to all Norwalk neighborhood associations. Neighborhood associations with membership outside and including Norwalk shall be represented by the Norwalk portion of their membership.

  • Voting on issues before the coalition is limited to one vote per association.  Decisions will be decided by a majority of those present and voting.

    The Coalition meets the 4th Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted due to holidays...

  • Would you like to join our group?  Click here.


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